Our History

About Us

I AM Zimbabwe Trust is a Non-profit, Non- Governmental Organization founded in August 2015 by Edward Tsango, a longtime Mbare resident. The organization was initially called I AM Mbare, in honor of the historical, bustling, high density, suburb of Mbare. Edward recognized the need to empower the youth of the community due to a number of risk factors including hunger, drug and alcohol abuse, crime, child sex work and a lack of access to education. The identification of these factors led to the establishment of I AM MBARE, which aimed to develop targeted strategies to address these multi-faceted social challenges and bring about positive change in the lives of the youth while simultaneously uplifting the name of the community.

Due to the identification of similar needs presented by other local communities, I AM Mbare soon expanded its programs and activities to additional locations around Zimbabwe. This act of unity and sharing was the primary reason that the organization became known as I AM Zimbabwe Trust. I AM Zimbabwe Trust aims to empower children and youth in individual communities across the country through sports, clean-up campaigns, skills training, free education for orphans and vulnerable children, awareness campaigns and COVID-19 Education and Outreach.