Nest Zimbabwe

In September 2021, I AM Zimbabwe Trust partnered with PILAglobal to open Nest Zimbabwe at the I AM Mbare School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Comprised of four beautifully designed classrooms, Nest Zimbabwe is a safe and nurturing early learning program that serves 60 children ages 3-6. The children in the Nest receive two nutritious snacks a day, which they themselves help to prepare and serve. Through the respectful guidance of four wonderful  teachers, the children have space to explore, be creative and form healthy relationships with other children – all critical preparation for the next step in their lives. PILAglobal believes that this type of progressive education, where self-expression is fostered, storytelling is nurtured, and the unique gifts and knowledge that each child brings to the program are recognized and celebrated, is the type of purposeful engagement that all children have the right to experience, no matter their age or circumstance. 

The I AM Mbare School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The I AM MBARE School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children aims to address the inequitable educational opportunities faced by young children who have experienced adverse life circumstances, including poverty, destitution, trauma and the death of their parents and/or guardians. The school provides free education and a nutritious meal to 400 children from Grades ECD – Grade 6. All children and students are instructed using the national curriculum developed by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. Enrichment activities include music, sports and yoga led by local artists and organizations. All teachers and administrators at the school, work as volunteers.