I AM Kambuzuma

Kambuzuma is the name of our peaceful community. It has been four years since I AM Kambuzuma joined the I AM Zimbabwe family and we currently have 54 members. Our hope is for a change in our community. We have seen the personalities of the youth changing as they adopt immoral behaviors, thereby creating a culture that destroys our community, our generation and ourselves as Zimbabweans. Our elderly also face struggles in their lives. With an understanding of these 21st century problems, we at I AM Kambuzuma opted to help. We wanted to join I AM Zimbabwe to build a nurtured, educated, socialized and empowered community. Our goal as I AM Kambuzuma is to build a unified society where one can question and not get criticized, where one can find it safe to walk in the streets at night and where one can seek help as well as help the community. A society that can educate future generations around the correct norms and values of our society.

Kambuzuma is a small, clean community located in Harare, with more young than elderly residents. Many of the youth are involved in drug abuse although we discovered that there is less sex work involved in the younger generation, which is a good thing. There are many gifted and talented youth in Kambuzuma who would like to aim higher but do not have the platform to do so. Some of the activities that we do as l AM Kambuzuma include cleanup campaigns, distribution of food to elderly and vulnerable residents and mask donations. We also partner with other organizations such as National Blood Services Zimbabwe (NBSZ) to both donate blood and invite the community at large to donate blood. We operate under the theme of ‘Give Blood, Save Lives’. At l AM Kambuzuma, we also have Ladies Hub. The mission of Ladies Hub is to reach out and break the silence of vulnerable women by changing the value of women in the socio-economic set up in Zimbabwe.