I AM Domboshava: Munyawiri

I AM Domboshava: Munyawiri have planned to start a piggery project as a means project to finance a bakery. We are going to build structures for the pig stys in groups of threes, with each group starting with two pigs. These projects are going to showcase the youth in a different light. It will show that youths can actually avoid drug abuse and theft, and engage in productive pursuits that will teach land improve upon important life skills. The I AM Domboshava: Munyawiri team is trying to show young people of our community how to use their skills for good as a means to reduce crime in the surrounding areas.     

I AM Domboshava: Munyawiri is also putting its resources together to assist less privileged primary school children at Munyawiri Primary School. We are going to donate ten school uniforms to ten children on November 12th 2020. These donations will include both boys and girls. We are also going to meet with secondary school students to discourage them from engaging in sex outside marriage and stepping into early marriages.