I AM Chitungwiza

I AM Chitungwiza has been a part of I AM Zimbabwe for close to 4 years. We joined I AM Zimbabwe because we wanted to bring Chitungwiza to its original state by restoring its legacy and making it a better place, both for residents and for anyone who comes to visit. Currently Chitungwiza is facing many socio-economic and infrastructure challenges. These include poor roads, a poor sewage system leading to water and sanitation problems, youth drug abuse, and early marriages leading to divorce and suffering children. The rate at which orphans are now living on the street (street kids) and therefore not going to school has also increased at a high rate. We would like for I AM Chitungwiza to be a resource centre where we can offer information about Chitungwiza to anyone who needs it. We feel the need to help educate the less privileged in our community as well as educate the youth on sexual reproductive health (although abstinence is what we encourage).

Some of the activities that we do as I AM Chitungwiza include clean up campaigns, trainings and workshops on sexual and reproductive health, leadership and alcohol and drug abuse. During this period of Covid-19 we have also managed to do trainings on Covid-19 safety and awareness. Our groups has been making masks and distributing them to the people in our community and we have also been able to help give food relief to the most vulnerable. We also engage in home visits to offer any form of help that we can.

All the youths in our organization are volunteers who want to see Chitungwiza be at its best. We also work with adults and welcome anyone to volunteer who holds the same goals and passion for our community.