I AM Zim Update May 9 2020

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Friends, I’m happy to finally be able to share another update on our progress! What we had initially hoped would be a smooth process to secure the products turned out to be a bit more complicated due to restrictions on bulk maize meal purchases. Nonetheless, we now have 300 bags of maize meal ($1050) and 300 bottles of oil ($1110) on-site at I AM Mbare. Edward is planning on buying 300 bags of sugar on Monday ($810) and then the remainder of the money will be used to buy either soy chunks or kapenta (small dried fish). If all goes according to plan, distribution to families will begin on Wednesday.

In full transparency, while we had initially planned to use 100% of the funds raised towards the purchase of the food, we did not account for the costs of transportation which have included hiring vans to transport the product from warehouses to the school. A small portion of the funds have therefore been used to cover these costs ($100).

We’re thankful to the I AM Mbare staff (all volunteers) for helping to facilitate this mission and thank you all again for your generous donations.