Edward Samhembere

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Senior Program Manager

Edward Upenyu Samhembere was born in Dzivarasekwa, Harare. He moved to Mbare at the age of 12 and has lived there ever since. Edward has always held a place in his heart for those who are vulnerable and feels that serving in any way possible is a calling. He recognizes that there is sometimes a gap between well wishers and those in need and he sees himself as a bridge to facilitate a connection across this divide. Edward feels that it is important to advocate for the needs of the youth in his community as a means to help them realize their dreams, goals and aspirations. Although Mbare is often misjudged due to a negative public perception, it is a community that is rich in history, entrepreneurship and musical and cultural talent, counting Thomas Mapfumo and Hilton Mambo as some of its stars. Edward feels a responsibility to highlight the many positive and beautiful aspects of Mbare while still aiding in the fight against the rising instances of teenage marriage and drug abuse.

As Senior Program Manager, Edward ensures the smooth flow of organization operations including administrative oversight, planning of projects and the dissemination of ideas. He is an energetic, resilient and patient leader, having learned this virtue from his days as a rugby player where he learned how to face challenges. Edward has a good sense of humor and easily motivates his colleagues while simultaneously instilling a sense of focus and urgency in the work. He takes pride in honoring and uplifting the less fortunate, and engages all community residents with a sense of empathy and respect. Edward’s experience includes large and small group training and facilitation around Psychological First Aid, Counseling and Trauma Healing, Conflict and Resolution Management, Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Human and Resource Management.

Edward lives in the Mbare hostels with his mother, father, sister and 3-year-old nephew. He has a deep passion for his community and shares Edward Tsango’s vision of expanding I AM Zimbabwe Trust beyond the borders of Zimbabwe to assist vulnerable communities across the continent of Africa.