Malvin Mazaranhanga

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Community Relations Manager

Malvin Mazaranhanga was born at Harare Hospital and has been a resident of the beautiful community of Mbare all his life. Growing up, he was very fortunate to be involved in a lot of sports mainly because the facilities that allowed him to explore his abilities as an athlete were readily available. He grew very fond of team sports even though he also played individual sports like table tennis and court tennis. Malvin enjoys doing community work mainly because he feels duty bound to give back to his community in whatever little way he can. Mbare is rich in talent which is unfortunately mostly overlooked because of where that talent it is from. Malvin therefore feels obligated to try and make that talent as visible as possible. Another treasure that can be found in Mbare is its cultural diversity with people of Malawian, Mozambican, Zambian and South African descent, amongst many others. This diversity, which usually comes with a lot of challenges, has played a significant role in shaping the culture of the community, and can best be understood and navigated by someone like Malvin who is ‘Mbare born and bred.’

Malvin has a deep love and passion for Mbare, and would do anything possible to change the negative perceptions surrounding the community, which is why he always tries to offer his services whenever he can. In the longterm, Malvin would like to see I AM Zimbabwe become an organization that is in sync with the activities of each community, including that of Mbare. He envisages a future where the I AM Zimbabwe communities truly become the pulse of each community, changing the face of them in a positive way.

Apart from his role as the Community Relations Manager for I AM Zimbabwe, Malvin is also a community based facilitator at Aqua Healing where trauma healing and counselling services are provided to the community. He was trained as a community based facilitator by Tree of Life in 2014 and is currently doing an online training with the Institute for the Healing of Memories on the Healing of Memories Methodology.